Friday, April 5, 2013

Tiger Makeup Look

Last February, I was contacted by my facebook friend, Beth to do their makeup for an upcoming event on their school. And who am I to refuse? :)

At first, I thought it was just a normal event. But when she said they want me to do a tiger makeup look, I doubted to continue. I feel like I want to refuse. Haha. Not because I do not know how to create that look but I feel like I'am not contented, not satisfied with every look that I created even I got good and overwhelming  feedback. Well, thanks to my boyfriend. He's the one who convinced me to do it. 

Below are the photos of the Tiger Makeup look that I created. Some requested a full face Tiger make up look while others just want to make it kinda simple yet tiger-ish looking. 

Tiger Makeup Look

With Beth.

Gorgeous Beth

I'm so petite! :/

Four gorgeous Tigers. 

A lot were asking about the products that I used in this look. Some thought I used face paints to create this look. But I only used different makeup products. I was searching for an orange face paint but I can't find one! So I've been thinking for a great alternative of an orange face paint. Then I remember the ELF HD Cream Blushes which are totally pigmented. However, It's kinda pricey and there were only 3 available colors. I was supposed to buy the orange blush from James Cooper but I found it too light. I want a vibrant bright orange! And then I decided to checked Shawil Cosmetics and  I found their super pigmented blushers which retails for only 138.00 each! I used it as an alternative of an orange face paint and I applied it using a Pressed Powder Application (Applicator Pad). 

Products I used: 
Shawil Blusher #04 - 
White Face Paint
Fanny Serrano long wear gel liner 

Looking forward for another opportunities like this. :)

Have a Great day! Stay beYOUtiful!


  1. You’re so pretty :)
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  2. How adorable <3

    I love your blog and the way you share your honest opinions! Following you <3