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A good way to play with colors: Ocean Mist Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadows

"What you need to know is to try to let it go. What you need to find is someone who will never will let you go.."

Good morning everyone! :) Clock strikes 12 and I just finished eating my favorite steamedrice which is my super duper late dinner brought by my oh so sweet bf and here I'am again, writing a new blog post while listening to Greyson Chance's song, Sunshine and City Lights. Does anyone here obsessed with Greyson Chance's songs? Oh, let's be obsessed with his songs together :')  His songs are totally amazing!

Speaking of being obsessed. I am going to share my latest obsessions. Lately, I have been obsessed with two things: Mineral Makeup and Colorful things.  And when these two were combined, I think I'm in cloud 9! Thanks to Ocean Mist Cosmetics for creating the most colorful and eye-catching mineral eyeshadows. Now, I'll be having fun in incorporating different shades of eyeshadows in any look that will be created by my wild imagination! These are my  first ever mineral eyeshadows. There are several shades of eyeshadows. From matte to metallic eyeshadows.  I got a privilege to try their blush, foundation, bronzer and  7 pigmented, fun and colorful mineral eyeshadows. Here are what I got and I'am now obsessed with them.

Ocean mist Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow
 (Top: L-R) -  Electric Blue, Flagella Green, Volcanic
(Bottom: L-R) - Antique Silver, Exotic Purple, Pretty N Pink

Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Stearate, Mica, Iron Oxide; may contain: Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Violet, Ultramarine Pink, Manganese Violet, Carmine, Tin Oxide, Ferric Ferrocyanide (No micronized ingredients used.) 

Sample Size: $6.95
Travel Size: $3.80
Sample Size: $1.35
Where to find: 
Ocean mist Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow
 (Top: L-R) -  Electric Blue, Flagella Green, Volcanic
(Bottom: L-R) - Antique Silver, Exotic Purple, Pretty N Pink

Ocean mist Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow
 (Top: L-R) -  Electric Blue, Flagella Green, Volcanic
(Bottom: L-R) - Antique Silver, Exotic Purple, Pretty N Pink

And oh, by the way. In case you are wondering, I forgot to include the Blue Aquatica (trial pack) on my product shoot. That is why there were only 6 travel size eyeshadows on the photos above. 

Now let's move on to my brief descriptions of each of these Mineral Eyeshadows from Ocean mist Cosmetics. 

Blue Aquatica - Blue Aquatica is lighter than Electric Blue. It has more shimmers compared to Electric Blue. It gives a nice shimmery blue color. I love this color more than the Electric Blue because even without other colors, Blue Aquatica still looks great. 

Pretty N Pink - This look matte, vibrant coral/pink color on it's container. But for me, this one is like MAGIC! I can't explain it but there is something with this color! This looks so vibrant on it's pan but when applied on your eyes, it gives you the most pretty, natural light pink color. This colors might also work as a highlight but keep in mind to dab your brush on a tiny amount of this eyeshadow since this is so pigmented.

Antique Silver - At first, I thought this one is a vibrant gray eyeshadow with tons of shimmers. However, this one if just a plain shimmer when applied on your eyes. I love how you can place this eyeshadow on top of  any eyeshadow colors you want. Either a bold or a light shades. This one is very comparable to my favorite Dior Cream Eyeshadow palette.

Flagella Green - This is just basically a yellow-green eyeshadow with tons of shimmers. However, this one is a bit difficult to blend compared to other colors. 

Exotic Purple - One of my favorite color!  I noticed that I've been obsessed with plum, purple colors lately. This is one of the most eye-catching and the brightest purple/plum mineral eyeshadow I've ever seen! The color is totally gorgeous. It works well with any type of skin tones. 

Electric Blue - A much deeper, vibrant blue color. What I love with this color is it's noticeable bright blue shimmers. Unlike the other eyeshadows, the color of  the shimmer of this eyeshadow is different. The other eyeshadows contained silver shimmers while this one is a bright blue shimmers which makes the color more   noticeable once applied on the eyelids. 

Volcanic - My favorite shade! Look how gorgeous the color is? A metallic redish-orange color which I totally love! Now that it's already summer, this color is my on the go eyeshadow. I sometimes use this  to deepen the color of my crease. 

I'm totally impressed with how pigmented, bright, fun and colorful these mineral eyeshadows are. Though there are 2 colors which are a bit difficult to blend, still I will give these  a 2 thumbs up! I promise, these mineral eyeshadows are amazing. I said it already and I will say this again. These are highly pigmented eyeshadows. You only need just a tiny amount of these products to smudged on your eyelids and still, it will look beautiful in day or even night. I admit, there were tiny fall outs. But it's not horrible and it's not a big deal. I think it is normal with mineral eyeshadows. And to prevent the fall outs, apply a creamy base to make these shadows more contact and adheres more into the eyelids. However, I am still in love with these products. .These shadows are long lasting and extremely vibrant. Prices are good. These are great investment and a worth to try. 

-Very Affordable! 
-Ocean Mist Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadows comes with different gorgeous, vibrant and highly pigmented colors.
-Most of the eyeshadows are easy to blend
-Just a tiny amount of these eyeshadow to sweep on your eyelids can give you a beautiful pop of colors
-These mineral eyeshadows are long lasting 
-These contains pure and natural ingredients which are environmentally safe and safe to use on your skin.

-Prone to fall outs. However, fall outs of these mineral eyeshadows are not horrible. 

So, are you now convinced and do you now believe me that these mineral eyeshadows are incredibly amazing? The colors are totally vibrant and fun to play with! Now, I am thinking for another makeup look using these products. What do you think? A smokey eyes? Creative Makeup look? an editorial one? Let's see! :) 

Have a Great day! Stay beYOUtiful!


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