Friday, March 29, 2013

Ocean Mist Cosmetics Mineral Makeup

Are you a type of a person who loves to use mineral makeup? Well, Mineral Makeup now a days are popular. There are now several high ends and drug store companies who added mineral makeup on their makeup line. We women wear makeup on a daily basis and we can't afford to use those makeup which can cause us a mild irritations into a severe acne break outs! That is why some prefers to use mineral makeup. Companies selling mineral makeup claims their product to be natural therefore, it is environmentally safe and healthy. And technically speaking, Mineral Makeup are nothing but a loose powder. There are a lot of researches regarding the benefit of mineral makeups. And let's see on my upcoming posts whether mineral makeups are worth the price.

Speaking of mineral makeup, let me show you what I received from Ocean Mist Cosmetics. :)

About the Company:
"Ocean Mist Cosmetics is a family owned business that offers high quality, affordable mineral makeup and other cosmetics to our customers.  We believe in being personal as well as professional with our customers."

I got a privilege to try their products. I can't explain how thankful and grateful I am to be trusted by this company. As so you know, I love using mineral foundations and/or BB Creams. They look so natural and feels so light on my skin. And I've been eye-ing for another mineral foundation since I already finished using my Krave Mineral Foundation. Ocean Mist Cosmetics sent me 10 mineral makeup: 1 foundation, 1 Bronzer, 1 Blusher and 7 colorful eyeshadows.

On my next post, I will show you how amazing and pigmented the eyeshadows. Well, I am so impressed. They had TONS of great colors and I had  a hard time choosing what colors I would like to use. Check out their website for more information. Also, they offer a "Try Me Kit" Sample Makeup kit which is a big big advantage! :)  

Have a Great Day! Stay beYOUtiful! 


  1. I love mineral makeup.. I'll check out their site :D

  2. wow!! good for you! I want to see the swatches!!

    take care!! :)

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  4. Great mineral makeup dear! :) I wondered what happened couldn't find you then I saw you changed your blog name hehe :) Good for you dear!

    Happy weekend! Happy Easter too dear!

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  7. Been wanting to use mineral make up. Looking forward tho :) Anyways you have a great blog :)