Thursday, March 28, 2013

QUICK HAUL: Etude House, Look Beauty, Shawil, In2it

I'am not doing a haul post for several months now. I do have tons of products which I bought for the past few months but I'm too lazy in posting those stuffs. I find haul post so interesting and so I love reading haul posts from different blogs. I think it's pretty helpful too. In reading several haul posts, you might find new great, interesting products and places or shops on where to find cheaper products. I'm jealous seeing some huge hauls wherein you'll see tons of high end products :D Well, my student budget won't allow me to buy several makeup products. Also, I'm being practical now. I won't buy stuffs which are not necessary and I do not  buy a lot of makeup anymore since I  have tons of makeup on my vanity and I have an upcoming huge makeup collections from my dearest auntie! I can't wait to share them! :))

Ohh too much babbling! So yea, here are the products that I purchased this month. :)

Colored Makeup Wedges, In2it Waterproof Eyebrow Powder, Shawil BB Cream shade #03, Etude House Happy Teatime Milk tea Cleansing Cream, Look Beauty Conceal it Kit.

Did you know? I only bought these products due to some beauty events that I attended! :D Well, I found out that these are some of a must-have products for me and I do not have these products since then. Yes! I don't own any  concealers and even make up foundations. And Yes I do, NOT wear makeup foundations unless it is needed. :)

Shawil BB Cream Shade #03 - 168.00Php

Etude House Happy Teatime Milk tea Cleansing Cream - 198.00Php

Look Beauty Conceal it Kit (Light/Medium) - 550.00Php

In2it Waterproof eyebrow powder - 299.75Php

8pcs Coloured Makeup Wedges from Watsons - 95.00Php

I can't tell how satisfied I am with these products. I already tried these products and I can't wait to share my experiences with these products. The Shawil BB cream perfectly matches medium/morena skin tone and  as well as the concealer. I'll be back with a review post of these products. I'm going to review the Shawil BB Cream first because I am kinda excited to share how this product works amazingly. I thought I'll regret buying these products but every products that I purchased are worth a penny. ;)

Have a great day! Stay beYOUtiful! :)


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