Saturday, March 23, 2013

MAC Archie's Girls Collection: Successful Launch in Cebu

Hello lovelies! How's your weekend? Mine was AWESOME! Super unforgettable and a fun-filled day! :)

I was invited by Ma'am Jaja Chiongbian Rama *my girl crush!* to a MAC Archie's Girls Private Party event which was held at Ayala Center Cebu last March 16. It was successfully organized by Bigseed Public Relations and Events. Event like this seldom happens in Cebu. That is why I feel so happy,  lucky and blessed to be a part of this event. A million thanks to Ma'am Jaja Chongbian Rama for this opportunity she gave for me to witness the launching of MAC's newest collection and  to see and meet her.

With Archie, Betty and Veronica. 

MAC launched their newest collection: MAC Archie's Girls Collection inspired by Archie Comic's series Betty and Veronica. This collection is like reading the Archie Comic. The sweet, pastel colors from Betty and the other half colors are more deeper and vibrant colors are from Veronica. The colors from these collection identify Betty and Veronica's distinct personalities. 

A heart-shaped candy can full of sweet tiny candies.

Archie and her Girls, Betty and Veronica. 

It's my first time to see these 3 famous bloggers! Cammile Co, Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy.  They are totally gorgeous! :) Kryz Uy is sooo cute!! I love the way she smile. She's freakin pretty! :)

Miss Bianca Gonzales.

With Laureen Uy, Camille Co and Kryz Uy

With Camille Co.

Bethy and Veronica

With the beautiful Ma'am Jaja Chiongbian Rama :) 

The event started at around 2pm and they started selling this collection the time when the event started. And guess what? This collection sold out like hotcakes!The packaging and the colors are great. There are colors which are great for daytime while the other are great for nigh time. Since this collection was sold immediately, some weren't able to buy something for themselves. Hmmm, I'm reffering to my self too! :D Well, I've been busy during the event. Busy from taking pictures and talkin with new friends. :) Err. I don't have bff during this kind of event. >.< I mean, someone whom I've known for the longest time. However, I still managed to talk and to make friends with some people during the event. Happy to find and meet new friends! Happy to meet Ma'am Jaja personally! :)

Another experience indeed! A huge thanks to Ma'am Jaja Chiongbian Rama! :)



  1. Wow!Feeling ko ako rin. I wont be able to buy anything!Total fangirl yung peg! Yung mukha ni Veronica, parang suplada talaga no?haha!I love the layout of your blog by the way!

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