Friday, April 5, 2013

Glow with natural colors: Miss Bella Cosmetics 10 colors Blush Palette

One of my on-the-go beauty product is a blush. For me, blush is one of a beauty product that can brighten  your skin tone  and can spice up your simple outfit. I love wearing a blush that gives a romantic and natural flush on my cheeks. I think it's cute. The lesser and the more natural-looking, the better. I'm a big fan of blushes. I can't stop my self from collecting blushers. When I'm in hurry and whenever I want more natural looking flush on my cheeks, I sometimes use my cheek tint from Bloom Cosmetics. I am not into a coral, orange, plum or brown blusher. I don't know why but pink always caught my eyes. I already have several blushers and most of them are pink. But when Miss Bella Cosmetics sent me this palette full of colorful shades of blushes, my perception have changed. This made me realized that it is more exciting and fun to play with different colors.

First Impression?
"No more boring shade! Say hello to a different shades to wear everyday." 

Miss Bella Cosmetics 10 colors Blush Palette

Miss Bella Cosmetic 10 Blush Palette is lightweight with a tremendous amount of 10 colorful blush shades. However, i don't find this handy, compact and travel friendly. 

I saw my self smile smiling  so big when I got this palette during my birthday giveaway last January. This palette was safely wrapped with a bubble wrap and I'm glad to see every shades with no damages.

The Verdict:
I know, I know the colors look  so vibrant on it's pan and looks even more natural when applied on your cheeks. And that's the fact behind this palette. For me, these are the colors that you can use on a daily basis. This palette consist of 10 beautiful vibrant yet natural looking flush when applied on your cheeks. 10 different shades to choose from. From light pink, to coral, nude/pink, orange, to bright barbie pink. Each shade consist of different textures. From shimmers to matte. If you want to make your look more fun, romantic and noticeable, you can go with the shimmery shades. But if you are more into a natural, yet sweet looking colors, matte shades from this palette are best for you. So far, there were only 3 matte blush colors in this platte (6th, 8th, 9th) and the other 7 colors are more on a shimmery effects. Some colors are highly pigmented so you only need to slightly swirl your  brush into these blushes. My personal favorite were the matte shades because those 3 colors are the most natural looking shade among the 10 colors. My least favorite color in this palette is the color #1 and #2. These shades are too lighter on my skin tone and these are too frosty! I think these will work best as a highlighter. You can still use these color as a blush if you want to add an extra shimmers on your cheeks. The most vibrant or shocking color in this palette is the 9th color. Obviously it's a bright barbie pink color. But, what made me amazed with that color is the fact that it gives a subtle, minimal  pink color in cheeks. These blushes  brighten up and define my cheekbones. With just a minimal amount of these blushes to sweep on the apples of your cheeks, leaves your cheekbones glowing with a natural colors. One advantages of this palette is that you can mix different colors to get another shade/color you want. I sometimes get overwhelmed by so many color choices in this palette. This Blush palette have amazing colors you can mix and match and play with. However, the only downside of this palette is it's poor lasting power and  being too powdery! As far as I know, some matte blushes are not powdery. I do have my matte blushes from Sleek Makeup and Estee Lauder and they are not powdery. Matte blushes in this palette are a bit powdery. In my opinion, the amount of blushes on each pan will only last for 3-4 months (If you are not frequently using this palette).

-Affordable! Miss Bella Cosmetics retails for only 550.00Php.
-Lightweight though the size is longer
-There are plenty of colors to choose from. 
-Different colors to wear each day
-Colors from this palette are vibrant.
-It leaves your cheeks glowing with a natural pop of colors.
-You can mix  different shade to get another shade that you want
-This palette contains shimmers to matte blushes
-Colors are blendable

-Too powdery!
-Untravel-friendly to use.
-These doesn't last for an hour
-You need to swirl your brushes for 3-4 times to get a vibrant color. But, slightly dabbing your brush into these blushes will give you a subtle, minimal and natural flush.

It might not be the best blushes I ever had. But, It's good price and great pigmentation are the reason why you should give it a try. This palette is great for those who are a  blushes lovers. Someone who want to add an additional varieties of colors on their blush collections. Also, this palette is perfect as an Starter Kit for those aspiring Makeup Artists. Another swag to their kit! ;)

Ratings: 3.5/5

Have you tried any products from Miss Bella Cosmetics? What's your favorite? :)



  1. yes!! finally!! I have been waiting for you to do a review on this! I have been planning to buy this, but I was hesistant kasi nga super cheap..baka hindi maganda... but good thing you have a positive review on this. :)

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  4. Thanks for the review. I've been looking to try their products but I'm not sure about getting them. Anyways, great blog. :)

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  5. Bella!
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  6. Bella!
    You have an interesting blog
    Let's follow each other through GFC :)

    Danica Stark

  7. love those colors!!! are amazing!!!
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  8. Beautiful blushes! :) love 'em.


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