Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sweet and Refreshing scents: Pepper N Mint Perfumes

Hey guys! I'm back with a product review. And this time, obviously it's one of the sweetest fragrances that I received from Marjorie of Pepper N Mint. It's my first time to review a certain perfumes. I may not good in describing a perfume scents but, I am trying my best to give an informative details for you my readers to find out how great these products are. And please always keep in mind that even though this is a sponsored post/review, I am giving my own and honest opinions.

Pepper  N Mint is a local brand of perfumes. So far, Pepper N Mint is one the best local product that I ever tried. They sell a wide variety of perfumes and hand sanitizes in a very affordable prizes. 

Are you familiar with Zen Zest? They had the same manufacturer. I was supposed to buy and try the Zen Zest perfume since I read from different bloggers that Zen Zest perfumes are great. So I dropped by at  Zen Zest Stall and tried to choose what scents I would love to buy. I'm with my  boyfriend that time and I'm letting him smell the scents too! Unfortunately, I am not impressed with zen zest perfumes. Please don't take this as a hate speech or whatsoever. We all had different taste when choosing the right scents and the best scents that we would like to use. It's just that it doesn't fall into my category or to my taste of perfume scents. I'm a huge perfume lover and I love collecting perfumes aside from beauty products. The fact is, I am very keen on choosing a perfume. I had a severe hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and strong perfume scents will make my hay fever worst! I am avoiding those perfume with a very strong scents So I prefer to stick to a sweet and natural scents. 

When the post man handed me a  heavy box, I knew it was the perfumes from Pepper N Mint coz the parcel was surrounded by an oohh-soo-good-sweetest-smell! The Pepper N Mint perfumes were securely wrapped with a bubble wrap and packed with a very study box. I can see my self smiling while opening the box.  I was so surprised with everything that I received that Pepper N Mint. Marjorie, the owner definitely knew the scents that I want/I love and as well as my favorite color!  As you can see, all the packaging are Pink which I literally love. And I'm so impressed with each of the fragrances that she sent including the hand sanitizer. I don't have  any issues regarding the scents of these perfumes. So let's now start and move on to my own description of each of the Peper N Mint perfumes.

Pepper N Mint - Strawberry kiss 

Strawberry kiss - A fruity scent with a hint of a rose-y scent. I was surprised with this fragrance. I thought that this one has the strongest scent among the 3 fragrances that I received. I like the combinations of the fruity and rose-y scents which made it so refreshing and blends well when smelled on me. A rosy-y scent might have a bit of a strong scent but the fruity scent of this fragrance which is obviously so similar to a strawberry, balances the scents of this fragrance.

Pepper N Mint - Happy Heart

Happy Heart - My ultimate  favorite scent from Pepper N Mint! This goes with a fruity scent too. But what made this different from the Strawberry Kiss is that, Happy Heart has more refreshing, sweet and natural scent. The combinations of the scents are surprisingly great. The scent is not too strong. Just a natural, sweet and fruity scent which is great for everyday use. 

Pepper N Mint - Sweet Breeze

Summer Breeze - I remember my Dad's Benneton B. United Men Eau de Toilette e and the Ocean Breeze perfume.  This is closely similar to the two perfumes I mentioned above. Summer Breeze has a fresh, spicy and minty scent. The scent is so refreshing and it's probably the same as the waterfalls that I've been thinking of. I'm not fond of a minty scent but this one surprisingly impressed me. 

The Verdict:
Overall, I'm impressed with Pepper N Mint Perfumes. The scents are so great and unlike other perfumes, the scents are surprisingly sweet, natural and so refreshing. I love these perfumes more than my Victoria's Secret  Perfumes. For me, Pepper N Mint are very comparable to Bath N Body Work fragrances which mostly composed of a fruity, sweet and natural scents. In regards with it's price, Pepper N Mint perfumes retails for only 200Php. I promise, you can get a great quality with these perfumes! It's staying power is awesome! As for me, these perfumes last for almost 6-8 hours. That's how amazing these perfumes are. And Tell me how gorgeous and chic looking the packaging is? I love how the owner did her best to make the packaging look so stunning and so feminine. I haven't seen a packaging like this so far. The packaging looks better than my S perfumes and Bvlgari Omnia. I just really adore the cute, sassy and chic packaging. And of course the scents of these perfumes were all amazing! :) 

Price: 250.00Php
Pepper N Mint perfumes available at Pepper N  and Mint  Hallo Hallo Mall.

Hoping you'll have time to try these perfumes from Pepper N Mint coz I can assure you that you girls will surely love these perfumes as much as I do! :) Have a great weekend! Stay Beautiful. :)



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    1. Than You, Chai Chen! :) You should try these! :)

  2. when i saw pepper n mint, i thought the perfume has a pepper-ish scent.. then i read the review, it's actually a perfume brand! lol

    xo Sarvin

    1. Haha lol. That was my first thought too! :D