Friday, March 8, 2013

Sleek Makeup Blush in Pixie Pink

As so you know, I'm a big fan of makeup blushes! Even though I already have tons of blushes on my vanity kit, still I can't resist not to buy makeup blushes especially when the color is so eye catching and gives me the most natural-looking flush. I consider  makeup blush as a must on my kikay kit and one of the most essential thing that will spice up my simple outfit. I kept on buying blushes a while a go and most of them are  pink. Some of them has a shimmery effect while some are matte. If I were asked what type of blushes I would prefer to use, I would choose the matte one. I just hate those blushes with a lot of shimmers. Too much shimmers for me is a big no, no!  I found my "ideal type of blush" with Sleek Makeup Blush. Read more to know why this blush is a superb!

Sleek Makeup Blush - Pixie Pink

Sleek Makeup Blush - Pixie Pink

Sleek Makeup Blush in Pixie Pink - Is a soft, mid-toned cotton candy pink. This colors looks so bright and intense in a pan but it doesn't look like a clownish one when applied and blended on a skin and this will give you the most natual-looking pink-y flush. 

One thing I love about Sleek Makeup Products are their packaging. I think that most of  the  Sleek Makeup products comes with a  matte black packaging  whether it's a lipstick or  a blush. I really adore the packaging of this blushes first because of it's large mirror. Sleek Blush is packaged with a very slim, sturdy matte black compact which is very similar to a popular NARS blush. And another thing I love with their packaging? It is so handy and a very travel-friendly. The only downside with matte packaging is that it gets dirty quickly and isn't easy to clean. However, I still adore their sleek, compact and travel-friendly packaging.  

As I stated earlier, I love matte blushes. And that is why I love this blush from Sleek Makeup. Pixie Pink is a true matte blush.  I saw tons of blushes labeled as matte which has a tiny amount of shimmers. But this one doesn't lie. I can't see any tiny content of shimmers with this blush.  It is easy to blend and it's matte finish makes it stay longer.


The pigmentation is superb! It gives me the most natural-looking, sweet and romantic pink flush. this is highly pigmented so make sure not to overdue it. I normally use a little tiny amount of it's color since it's color pay off is intense. And since I only use a tiny amount of this blush, it will probably take me a years to hit the pan.  I tap my soft blush brush into this blush apply it on the apples of my cheeks and re-apply it if I want more color. I had a medium skin tone and Pixie Pink still looks great on me.  This colors still blends really well on my medium skin tone and gives me the most natural-looking flush. 


There is nothing negative I can say about this blush. This is way cheaper than other blushers and when talking about a good quality, I could say that this is closely comparable to other high end blushers. I know that there are highly pigmented, the coverage and and lasting power are great but are incredibly expensive! Sleek Makeup Blushes are must-haves on your makeup stash. Sleek Makeup Blush is so affordable yet it gives you a great blush quality that you've been looking for. I already have 2 Sleek makeup blush. Pixie Pink and Flamingo which is the next product you'll see on my blog. I'm planning to collect more Sleek Blushes in the near future. :)


I said it earlier. I will re-purchase this superb product! Sleek Makeup is my new favorite brand! Their products were incredibly awesome. I'm so impressed with their blushes. Planning to try the other products and let's see if the other products are impressive. 

Price: 450Php

Have you tried any Sleek Makeup products? What's your favorite? :)

-Jan M.


  1. oooh, I have never tried anything from Sleek and this look like such a nice blush! it reminds me of NARS ^_~

  2. I'm glad to read you liked this blush as I bought it this week! Haha I haven't had a chance to use it yet though.

    Kimberley x (check out my international giveaway :) )

  3. Where did you buy and how much did you buy for it? Thanks