Tuesday, February 19, 2013

♥Babbling: BEST Valentines Day!♥

Valentines Day is finally over! And our midterm examinations are fast approaching *sad face*! I've been so very busy lately. Trying to catching up important things in my life, in my student's life. I had 3 major subjects and we as a students, are entitled to get 75% in all the exams whether its a pre/post test or a major examination.  I was supposed to post this one the day after Valentines Day but unfortunately, I had so much more important things to make.

But, I'm finally back! And I want to share what had happened to me during Valentines Day. I only had 3 reasons why this was the best Valentines Day that ever happened to me.  

Passing the Major Exams Like a Boss: I had a 2 major subjects last Feb.14 (8-12:30) pm.  And before leaving the class, I was called by my clinical instructor, informing me about my midterm scores on her 2 major subjects. Have you ever feel afraid, wants to cry, butterflies on your stomach, and escape from the reality? Yes I did! I'm feelin like "ahhh i don't want to see my scores anymore!" Coz you are expecting that you had a "failed" scores where in fact, YOU GOT MORE THAN THE PASSING SCORE!! Not just in 1 major subject but on 2 major subjects!! Hell yeah! LET'S START THE PARTY NOW!!! Lol. :D

Sweetest Surprise:  Move on to my second reason why I loved and why I should love this 02.14.13. J Way back then, I only thought that Valentines Day are only for couples. But the reality is that you can celebrate Valentines day with your friends, Families, co-workers and to whoever you want to celebrate it with. Unfortunately, my parents were not here *insert sad face again*. However, I am so LUCKY and BLESSED to have a boyfriend who never fail to make every single day so memorable. He made this Valentines day an unforgettable and the best one! I was so thrilled for my last class to end. Simply because I waaaant to see le bf again! He picked me up from school and we had a simple and great lunch at McDo. Funny thing is that, my bf is NOT the type of a guy who gives flowers. I don't know why but him, flowers will easily fade and dry up. Unlike foods and chocolates where has a big benefit to my "craving for sweets" stomach. So while we were eating, he saw 2 couples and the girls were carrying their flowers. So le bf started babbing. hahaha :D And my simple respond to him was
"You are just jealous coz you don't have any surprise for me." as He then stopped eating, stared at me for how many minutes, took and opened his bag and baaaangg! -- "Tara oh! Happy Valentines day, My love!" (Here is it! Happy Valentines Day, My Love!). Arrrrghh! I can't even take the chocolates he handed me for I saw that most of the people at McDonalds were staring at me! *___* I was so speechless that time and he knew that! I just don't know why those people at McDonalds were staring at me. Maybe because they want chocolates? hihihi. Shoutout to my very first and gonna be my last boyfriend ever, Lenvin R. Gesto! Thank you so much for a Big Box of 32 Ferro Chocolates. You never fail to surprise me. ♥

Granted 2013 Wishlist: And lastly, what made me surprised and stoked was the congratulatory  message I received from Xari-Xari Online Store! Informing me that I won their Belle De Jour Power Planner which I've been meaning to have since last year! The best thing is that, it's the exact design that I badly want! I know I saw lots of reviews about the BDJ Planner. However, I want to make my own. Thank You so much Xari Xari Online StoreJ

And that ends my babbling. Hoping you had a great Valentines Day too! I would really appreciate it if you'll do share your Valentines Day stories with us! J

-Jan Mitchelle


  1. My exams are awkwardly near so my V'day was tremendously ruined . Though I'm single but we and my sister exchanged chocolate ;)
    Good luck for exams!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. I'm so happy for you. It was amazing day, wasn't it? :D



  3. Aww I think your bf is really sweet! My bf and now my hubby is not also the flowers kind of guy. I am used to it but if ever he'll give me flowers someday, I'm sure I'll be overwhelmed ad speechless. Hehe

    XX, IamJenniya

  4. That's so sweet. :"> You are so lucky to have him as your boyfriend. Hope you guys will stay sweet and in love! <3
    And congratulations with your midterm exam. :)