Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Affordable with Good Quality Clip-in Bangs: Francine's Hair Extension

Lately, I decided to wear my clip-in bangs hair extension that I received from Francine's Hair Extension Online Shop for a review (Read my feature post here). I never wore hair extensions or any clip-in bangs before. I had 1  synthetic colored hair extension and at first glance, you can really say that it is made of synthetic. I never wore it  anymore. I bought it for some purposes. So I decided to try this clip-in bangs and share my experiences that I've had with it for those who want to try/wear or curious about getting hair extensions.

This clip-in bangs can be purchased at Francine's Hair Extension Online Shop retails for only 300Php ($ 7.31) and available with 3 different colors (Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown). I received this lovely black clip-on bangs which is obviously matches my hair. They are made of synthetic hair but honestly, I stumbled when I received this clip-on bangs for I thought it is made of a human hair which cost 800Php ($ 19.50!!).

Clip-in Bangs from Francine's Online Shop 300Php ($ 7.31)
(Sorry if the lightnings)

About the Hair Extension:
Type: Do it You self (Clip on Bangs)
Material: Japan Synthetic
Clips: 2 clips attached at the back of hair extension
Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown
Application: 1 min. 

Hair care:

Just like your own hair, synthetic hair will accumulate residue through normal wear. However, you do not need to wash the synthetic hair everyday to keep consistent results. The fiber should be washed as infrequently as possible or when you notice that the fiber appears dull. If you are wearing the hair all day, every day, you can wash them after 4-6 wearings.

Before shampooing, gently remove any tangles or teasing with your fingers or a pick comb. Do not brush.

Add one teaspoonful of any mild shampoo to two quarts cold - never hot - water.

Immerse the hair and soak 3-5 minutes, then gently swish up and down. Do not rub.

Rinse thouroughly twice in cold water.

Dab gently with a towel to remove excess water. Do not squeeze or twist.

While still wet, spray with a leave in conditioner that is specifically formulated for synthetic hair goods.

Dry on a towel at room temperature.

Style with fingers or pick comb. Do not use hair dryer, blow dryer or curling iron. Avoid excess heat. Do not brush or comb while wet.

Hairdo Clip-in Bangs

Hairdo Clip-in Bangs

2 Clips attached at the back of the bangs

Color -  My hair is quite dark black and it obviously  matches my hair color. I don't have any problems with it's color.  It is universally great for those who had the same hair color as mine. 

Length  -  This clip-on bangs is about 5-6 inches long with a longer hair on both sides. I don't have any complaints on it's length. It's length amazingly blends well with my hair. 

Thickness - I can't really speak about it's thickness since I never owned any clip-in bangs before. But when comparing it to my old synthetic clip-on colored hair extension, I could say that it has the best thickness quality for a class A synthetic clip-on bangs. However, it's hair strand are very comparable to a real human hair. Unlike my old colored synthetic hair where it seems to be so elastic.

Comfort - When talking about it's comfortability when using this clip-on bangs, I rated it 5/5 for it stays well on to my hair and it doesn't tug on my hair while I'm wearing it. And after clipping this on, I don't even notice that I'm wearing this clip-on bangs anymore.

Blend-ability - I love the fact how this clip-on bangs blends well with my hair. It's not noticeable once others view you. And what's the best with this clip-on bangs? You can't recognize where the clip-on bangs begins for it blends perfectly with my hair. It really looks like a real human hair!

Overall - This clip-on bangs from Francine's Hair Extension Online Shop had a great quality.  I don't have any complaints with this clip-in bangs. With just 350Php ($ 7.31) you'll get the great quality for hair extensions. This is so far the best clip-on bangs for me. A synthetic clip-on bangs which is really comparable to a real human hair. It is so soft and shiny. And it doesn't shed at all. It provides you a 2 clip-ins which is not irritable once applied into the hair. I love how you can style this in other ways. You can either make it a sided bangs or just a plain straight bangs. I highly recommend this clip-on bangs to those who want to add some styles to their hair or just for fun! 

In order for this to last longer, you should treat this as your own hair. Remember NOT to dye this one since it is made up of a synthetic hair. If you'll attempt to dye this one, it will make the hair strands so elastic. 

See how the clip-in bangs blends well with my hair.

R: Full bangs L: Sided Bangs (Pardon the background  my messy hair)

Price: 350Php ($ 7.31)
Do you ever wear hair extensions? What are your experiences? 


  1. Nice one Jan! I think it's pretty nice! :)
    Happy new year dear!

    ★♡ 1st 2013 Post Up! (^_^) ♡★
    Looking Forward to a Better 2013 ... Happy New Year to Everyone!
    My new year e-card and a few throwbacks!

    ❤ ~Chai

  2. I had no idea that there were clip-on bangs!

  3. I have one of these clip-on bangs that I bought just for fun but it doesn't match my hair color. I however, love the fact that it blends easily to your hair (if not only for my hair color). Love the review, and love how it looks on you!

    ~ Yette

  4. Hair extensions are very popular and really useful today in order to achieve the look and style that you want.

  5. ahh that clips do magic!it almost look like real bangs ^^

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