Friday, December 28, 2012

Time to Pamper my Nails: Gift from Isabelle's Boutique ♥

Here is another post about the goodies that I recently received from my sponsors. This another batch of stuffs are from Isabelle's Boutique. (Read my post about Isabelle's Boutique here.)

Again, I'm so thankful to Ma'am Isabelle for being one of my generous sponsor for my upcoming Birthday Giveaway. (which will start next month, January).  I received a package that I thought is for the giveaway. I hurriedly contacted Ma'am Isabelle, informing her  about the stuffs that I received. She asked me if I did try the nail decals that I received from her and that made me confused. Knowing that it is for the giveaway, I never try or use it! Why would I?

So yea, she she said it was really sent for me (as a trial kit). Having my own lovely and gorgeous nail decals really made my day! ♥ ^_^ 
It's so nice if you are not expecting something from someone. :) I'm so glad that I finally have my own nail decals and a red nail polish. Honestly, I never tried using any nail decals or even giving my nails some arts. A simple nail polish is enough for me to pamper my nails. But now that I was given a chance to try these nail decals and nail polish provided by Isabelle's Boutique, I'm now tempted to try the other nail decals from her online shop! Honestly, the nail decals looks so gorgeous! I love all those designs that was given to me. How can I resist with these lovely and gorgeous nail decals?

I received 5 lovely nail decals (I forgot to include the other one).
2 Nail Stickers and 1 BK matte Nail polish (Red) 

Closer look of the lovely Nail Decals. 
Ahhhh-I waaant morrrreee. ^_^ Look! They are so gorgeous! 

2 cute nail stickers! Both are lovely flowers with a pop of shimmer/glitters that will definitely rock your nail! 

Lastly, a BK Matte Nail Polish (Red)
I love bright colors for my nails and so I love this one. The color is so gorgeous!  I want to try the other colors too.  Especially the bright blue one which I fell in love. ♥ :") 

Those are the lovely goodies that I received. I'll be posting the "step-by-step" tutorial on how to use the Nail Decals. And of course, stay tuned for my Birthday Giveaway which will also be sponsored by Isabelle's Boutique! :)
Thank You so much, Isabelle's Boutique!  



  1. I love these because I fail at nail art! lol

    1. Hahaha you made me laugh, Natasha! :D I never tried doing nail arts but, I might fail too! lol :D

  2. I'll wait to see the BK swatch... and how to use the foil too...