Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Best Organic Natural Skin Care: Zen Natural organic

Making our skin natural looking and Healthy are one of the priority for us. When talking about, skin care, we are concerned about the products or the ingredients of a certain product that we mainly put on our bodies. Of course, before buying a certain beauty products, we should always know the ingredients because, 1st: We DON'T want products with PARABENS. 2nd: We really don't want products that has been tested to animals. We want to spend our money into a "real things".

Good news! I discovered this trusted online seller today. Zen Natural Organic sells a wide variety of organic skin care products. From body butter, Glutathione Cream, Night Cream, Hair care and even Lip  products like lip butter, lip scrubs and lip balm which I badly want to try!

To get rid off your curiosity about their Organic products, I grabbed some photos from their online shop.

Body Scrub - 180Php

Body Butter - 180 Php

Witch hazel & Calamansi Toner - 160Php

Pure Shea Butter - 200Php

Exfoliating Foaming Facial Scrub (Black Mountain Rice) - 200Php

Moringa Anti Acne Cream - 150Php

Olive Cream Face and Body Moisturizer - 150Php

Lip Scrub - 180Php

Lip Butter - 120Php

Lip Balm -75Php

Herbal Eye Cream

Concealer (Meztiza/Morena) - 200Php

Anti Aging Night Cream - 200Php

All of the products mentioned above are available at Zen Natural Organic. Click the Link below to gain access on their Multiply website and Facebook Page.

Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY shopping at Zen Natural Organic! 



  1. I usually prefer natural products :) These packs are looking so "natural" :Dx
    Noor's Place

  2. fantastic products!!
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  3. Love the products <3 Thabks for the recommendation!

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  4. i should try more organic products :) those look so amazing! thanks alot for sharing, i'm really thinking of trying them out :)

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    (sunglasses & prescription glasses)

    hope you have a fab day gorgeous! ~ XO
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    1. These are great products! :) Hoping they'll ship to other countries too :P

  5. The lippies look interesting! I'll make sure to try soon!

    xx Saira

  6. This looks nice, want to try it too. btw, new follower here. ;)

    1. You should! :) Thanks for following! Realy appreciate it :)

  7. The products look great, I will have to check out their website :)

  8. The products look great!

    Nice blog, I'm a new follower :)

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  9. i bought coconut hair and body oil to try and some package gifts for my husbands niece =)

  10. This looks awesome, I might look more into that stuff!

  11. I've never tried these...heard of them, but never indulged. Very very intrigued by the lip scrub..looks absolutely wonderful!

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  12. This looks great! I have really been trying to use more natural skin care products and recently found Garden Girl. I love them for their dedication to making natural products, not testing on animals and their eco-friendly refills. Check them out at Oh, and their bottles are so cute too!

  13. I've never heard of these before but I'm super interested--I saw a lot of products I wanna try! :D

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