Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hot Trend: Krave Minerale Loose Mineral Foundation

As soon as mineral makeup was introduced to a market, mineral makeup became  a hot trend today and some of the manufacturers are taking mineral makeup into a higher level. They are making their own versions of mineral makeups like mineral blushers, concealers and even foundations. Some of the popular cosmetic brands like Maybelline, L'Oreal, Revlon and Lancome  added some mineral makeup on to their products.

Mineral makeups are great for they are all natural and environmentally safe and healthy.  One of the best factor why to love mineral makeup because it contains a natural mineral products and not a synthetic products. Who would love to use products that contained synthetic ingredients which can cause irritations and negative reactions to our skins? Mineral makeups contains ingredients that are less likely to cause irritations to our skins and  gives a flawless and less coverage.

 But, the application of mineral makeup can be a bit trickier than applying a liquid foundation. Some struggles from using mineral makeup. For some says that application is not easy, it's a bit heavy and it is drying to a skin. So let's find out how can I help you regarding with that matters.

Skye Avenue sent me this loose mineral foundation for a review. 

Krave Minerale Loose Mineral Foundation with SPF (Cafe Melange)

"KRAVE MINERALE COSMECEUTICALS is a company & brand of mineral make up & organic skin care products that are all formulated & manufactured in the USA by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facility. Products are imported from the US and legally distributed in the Philippines with all the necessary regulatory requirements from the United States of America and from the companies that formul
ates & manufactures the whole product line. The ingredients in all our products have been assessed, approved and certified in compliance with the EU Cosmetic Safety Regulations and US-FDA (The United States- Food and Drugs Administration)." -Krave Minerale

I NEVER wear foundations and honestly, I don't have an idea how this mineral foundation works. But, being curious to try something new and to find out how it works, I decided to wear or use this mineral foundation for at least 1 week. I read tons of information about mineral makeups and on how to apply mineral products which I found so helpful upon using mineral makeups. 


At first glance, the packaging is not as elegant or sleek as other mineral foundations but it is sturdy enough to hold the product. It comes with a white applicator which  I think helpful to prevent excess products to come out when it is close. 

But what makes it the same with other mineral foundations is it's "sieve" part (the part with a tiny hole) which controls the amount of the products. 

As you could see, the shade is a bit lighter to me but it works pretty well as long as you know how to apply this correctly. 


I cannot say that it is the smoothest or the most flawless mineral foundation since I never tried using any foundations. But honestly, it grinds perfectly and gives me a flawless coverage. I don't have redness, acnes, pimples or anything on my skin that would push me to buy or use a full coverage foundations. I'm not saying that my skin is flawness even without applying foundations or BB Creams. I had a medium skin tone and I could say that this Krave Minerale Loose Mineral Foundation is good enough to give me a light, smooth and flawless coverage. I Love how it makes my skin smooth, flawless, and natural looking complexion. Also, this foundation has a good pigmentation which made me impressed. :)

Quite some of my friends were having struggles using a loose mineral foundations. So here are some of my tips to help you enjoy using loose mineral foundations:

    The best key on having a great foundation is knowing your shade first. It is very important to know that foundation should matches your skin tone. Don't pick foundation that is too lighter or too darker to your skin tone for foundation which is lighter to your skin tone leaves a grayish/ashy color on your face and a foundation that is darker to you leaves an orange-y color on your face and it accentuates the fine lines of your face.

   If you have a dry skin, mineral foundation might makes your skin every dryer so always remember to prime or moisturized your skin in order to make your skin look fresh and clean. 

   As what I have said, applying loose mineral foundation is trickier that applying liquid foundation. So I suggest to use a round and dense kabuki brush to give a full coverage and use a fair pressure to achieve a fair, smooth and even finish. 

HOW I APPLY MY Krave Minerale Loose Mineral Foundation:

1. I usually tap the container up side down andplace a small amount of my krave mineral loose powder foundation into it's cap. 
2. I gently swirl my dense, round kabuki brush into the cap where I placed the small amount of my mineral foundation.
3. Tapping the kabuki brush on the side of the container/lid  to remove the excess product of the foundation.
4. Using a circular motion, I gently apply my krave minerale loose foundation with a firm pressure to my entire face. 

Always remember that LESS IS MORE. You just need a small amount or the tiniest amount of mineral foundation to achieve a smooth, beautiful and natural looking complexion. I LOVE my natural, synthetic chemical-free loose powder foundation from Krave Minerale! 

Where to find: Skye Avenue/Krave Minerale
What's your favorite products from Krave Minerale?


  1. I really enjoy using mineral makeup. I think it gives a very natural look to the skin while having nice coverage. This Krave one looks good!


    1. Definitely! This krave product is amazing! :) You should try it too. :)

  2. I can't use it, my skin type dry: (
    nice post dear :)

    1. Thanks! Ohh dear I do have a dry skin too but all you have to do is to "prep" your skin :) Moisturize your skin first before using mineral foundation :)

  3. What a great review! I love mineral makeup and if I find this product I'll definitely try it)
    Thank you for being my follower -I followed you back)

  4. I never use any mineral makeup but read so many positive reviews about mineral makeup. Loved your review <3

  5. I love mineral loose powders. :)

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  6. Waiting to try this out! Super sikat niya on the web :) Im curious what all the raves are about!

    The Misty Mom

    1. Yes you should, Shar! :) It's my first time to try a krave prouct and I could say that it works pretty amazing! :)

  7. Great post sweetie! I have one like this from L'Oreal, but I don't use it usually... :)

    Lucia Gallego Blog

    1. Thanks, Lu! I never tried L'oreal mineral makeup. :)

  8. Nice! Followed you. :)


  9. I've never gotten the hang of using powder on my face-- but your tips give me hope!
    xx mili


    1. Thank You so much! I really appreciate it! :)

  10. I agree that less is more - that is generally the rule with everything :) I haven't tried many mineral foundations, though I like the one from Laura Mercier.

    1. Ohh I haven't tried the Laura Mercier. Let us know your thoughts with it! :)

  11. great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?

  12. I am obsessed over mineral powders as foundation~ they really do work to make your skin appear flawless!!! xx

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. Me too! And it gives me a natural skin c0omplexion :)

  13. I adore mineral makeup. I feel it lasts longer on my skin, especially mineral blushes. My faves are by Bare Minerals. Thanks for visiting my blog and the follow dear. :)

    XoXo Chris

    1. You are welcome! :) I agree with you. It last longer and makes my skin looks even more flawless. :)