Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pre-Holiday Beauty Haul

 December is a great month, fun and lots of excitement! I really love seeing tons of Christmas lights placed on different houses. Seeing  Children caroling. Hearing different joyful Christmas songs. Looking for the best Christmas gifts that you'll give to your loved ones. Receiving gifts or cards. Ohh..It's a great feeling! Let's keep a loving feeling in Christmas! :)

One great way to start your month as a beauty blogger is through"HAUL-ing". I just hauled a few beauty products from different online stores and malls. It was a boring day, and thought  to reward my self for doing good on my studies and to pamper my self. Whenever I feel stressed due to massive exams on schools, strolling at malls with earphone in and a few shopping will do the trick! :) 

Okay, so enough rambling. Here are the beauty products that I recently got.

Hard Candy blush crush baked blush (Living Doll)
Revlon Super lustrous Lipgloss (Pink Pop) 

When I just started to fell in love with makeups, I found my self at my room, sitting on my bed with my laptop on and watching beauty hauls in youtube for almost an hours. I was looking a great blushes. So I accidentally clicked a random youtube channel and watched her beauty hauls. There I saw this pink blush with a cute packaging! I really fell in love with it's packaging at first. This hard candy baked blush is awesome! So I finally decided to purchase one. I searched a lot of different online stores in both multiply and facebook but I haven't seen one. Thank God that one of my schoolmate was having a vacation at California. Shen then messaged me and asked me if I'am interested on the makeups that she is selling. I finally have an oppurtunity to try this blush so I immediately replied to her and asked her if I could order a bake blush from hard Candy and she said, YES! :) I read a lot of reviews about this blush. All are Hit and Miss. Despite of some bad reviews, I still decided to try this out. And I also ordered Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Pink Pop which is basically  a glossy candy pink shine. I can't wait to do reviews of these two. 

Prestige Color Creation Eye Shadow and Line Creator Kit

One way to turn my boring days to a fun day is to BID some beauty products from Bid From Zero (Auction Page). Miss Raffy, the owner is so generous to send me some freebie. You will surely see a lot of  new, authentic beauty products from their auction page. I was so happy when I saw this Prestige eye shadow kit from of of their albums. So I finally decided to bid and thank God, I won! If you have any prestige products especially their eyebrow liner and lipsticks, I bet you like their products too. But if you haven't tried some products from prestige, well, go to your nearest store and grab some prestige products. You will surely love them as I love mine! Their products are aaaa-maaaa-ziiinggg! I fell in love with their lipsticks which I always used. Review HERE if you want to know what lipstick it is. 

Etude House Easy Brow Pendil (Dark Brown)
Etide House matte black eyeshadow 
Farry Serrano Gel Eyeliner

I bought these at SM Department Store. These are just random beauty product that I bought. I was thinking to try a Fanny Serrano Gel eyeliner and this Etude House Brow liner which is my current favorite.

Barry M Lip Paints (Peachy Pink and Dolly Pink)

I am eager to get my hand off this lipsticks and can't take my eyes off them! I love It's simple matte packaging which looks elegant. Some online stores sells Barry M Lipsticks from 420Php-450Php. So I patiently looking for some online store who sell Barry M lipsticks in a lower price. I can't explain this happiness when I found The Makeup Haul selling Barry M lipstick is a very affordable price. It only 300 pesos each. Such a steal! :) Will definitely make a reviews about these lippies. 

Sleek MakeUp Blush (Pixie Pink and Flamingo)

Lastly, are these gorgeous Sleek Blushes that I got from The Updated Trends. The packaging is a bit similar to NARS blushes which is also a matte one.  I did a lot of reviews and swatches the sleek blushes. All are a good reviews. I was supposed to get Rosegold instead of Flamingo but Rosegold consist for tons of shimmers. There are different gorgeous blush colors from Sleek blush but these two caught my eyes. I can't wait to try these blushes and share my own thoughts with you. 

How about you? Are you planning to have a beauty haul this holiday season? If so, let us know. :)


  1. Love your haul! Especially the Barry M lipsticks! :3

    1. Thanks, Janine! :) I just can't resist these Barry M lipsticks! :))

  2. oh wow, you got sooo many amazing products!
    i adore Sleek Make-up and Barry M.
    I've been wanting to try Hard Candy but i have no idea where to get it since it's not available here in NZ. or online shops that ships here =/

    i love your haul!! <3

    I would like to invite you to my giveaway:
    (sunglasses & prescription glasses)

    hope you have a fab day gorgeous! ~ XO
    Chriissydollxo's Blog

    1. Thanks Christine! :) You can check the hard candy website. I think they ship internationally. You will surely love the blush! :) I will surely join your give away. Thanks for inviting me. :)

  3. Definitely saving up for a december haul. I feel entitled to do so LOL. What else am I going to do with my vacation time other than playing around with new finds anyway? haha. Thanks to your haul I have an idea as to what I may get ;) Thanks for sharing~


    1. Hello Ada! :) "Haul-ing" will never make you bored HAHA. And it is one great way to start your december. :) I'm glad this post of mine helped you :D Let's us know your upcoming haul! :)

  4. im definitely waiting for stores for their december sales ;-)

  5. Great Haul! Can't wait for your product reviews. Let me know your thoughts about the Barry M lipsticks! :)

    1. Thanks! :) I will post the review soon! :)