Thursday, September 6, 2012

How and what made me a make-up addict. :)

Hello everyone! :)
So, yea.. this is my FIRST blog that I ever made. :D Want to know what pushed me to make this blog? MY MAKE-UP ADDICTION!! yea, MAKE UPP ADDICTIOOOON! Like, I want to shout my cravings for make-ups. Honestly, I am not fond of make-ups when I was in highschool but this became my addiction Last JULY, 2012! :D Yes, you heard it right :) I started to love and be a fan of make-ups when my auntie Helen from Colorado, U.S.A bought me and my cousin a huge cosmetics (Revlon, Christian Dior, Maybelline, Estee Lauder and so many more :D). Since then, I became a huge fan of cosmetics. I really really do love LIPSTICKS and BLUSH-ONs especially if it is a  red, mauve and PINK colors! :D (obvious naman sa layout nang blog ko ehh :D) So, that time curiosity strikes  I was thinking if there were girls around this world who is a big fan of make-ups! :D So I decided to search in youtube the popular "what's in my purse", "what's in my make-up kit" some of the make-up collectionsthe and . And BOOM! There, I saw so many girls (youtube gurus and some are just an ordinary girl like me who are a big fan of make-ups! :D) who have a LOT of make-ups! (Wish I have what they have too :D ) From foundations, bronzers, blush-ons, lipsticks, lipglosses and etc. They really spend a lot of money only for their huge make-up collections. And my curiosity with make-up does not end here. I searched and searched and SEARCHED.. but this time, not about those make-up collections but about SMOKEY EYES TUTORIALS! I also watched tons of creative make-up looks. I first I found it difficult. Maybe also because I do not have those brushes they have and also, I do not own any branded eyeshadow palettes. Of course we girls and make-up lovers do prefer to have a branded eyeshadow palettes since they will never ever disappoint us and it's worth a penny. So yea, as of now, I only prefer to have lipsticks, lipsglosses, eyeliners, and blush-ons. I really do not use foundations since my Auntie Berlyn won't let me use any foundation. I am also afraid that my skin might get irritate and will cause development of lots of pimples and some allergic reactions.

BUT, since I want to give it a try.. Try to make creative make-up looks, I now want to have a tons of make-ups! :D especially those eyeshadow palettes! Wishing to have one someday.. :)

So how about you? what made you be a fan of make-ups? :)
Until here girlies. Til my next blog :)


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